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​Company Profile

Trade name

Zeze Ware Kageroen Co., Ltd.


1-22-28 Nakasho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture 520-0837

Phone & Fax


Date of establishment

January 7, 1975

Business content

Production and sales of pottery, exhibition and sales of art works, gallery management, lifestyle consulting, tea ceremony class, etc.

board member

CEO Tetsuji Shibayama

Message from the Principal

“What is a world-renowned aspect of culture in Japan?” I always ask this question to myself. My answer is the omotenashi spirit of hospitality. With this spirit, we can get along with a variety of people through our history, culture, and art. Our Zeze Ware Kiln is not only a manufacturing company that makes pottery, but also proposes a lifestyle that creates “materials” and “culture”. It is a famous historical fact that Enshu Kobori designed the comprehensive architecture and interior of Nijo Castle to suit the era of peace, and was the general producer of the tea ceremony hosted by the Shogun for the Emperor of Japan.

Based on the tradition and aesthetic sense as one of the seven Enshu kilns, we hope to contribute to world peace through culture and an artistic lifestyle. As a part of this, in addition to the production and sales of pottery, the kiln offers tea ceremony classes of various styles, tea ceremonies, culture and art courses, collaboration with contemporary artists, etc. We can propose a modern lifestyle with the adaptation of Enshu's aesthetic style. At the same time, we would like to flourish with everyone who loves Zeze Ware. 

​Tetsuji Shibayama, the Principal of Zeze Ware Kageroen

​Profile of the Principal


Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Economics. Joined Mitsubishi Corporation (Copper Material Department / Nuclear Fuel Department).


Studied at Harvard Business School.


Joined the Rockefeller Group.(New York). The family  is one of the world's leading philanthropic families, founders of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Japan Society, the Asian Society, and other foundations.


Became a representative of Sotheby's Japan, a long-established auction company.


Established AG Holdings, Inc. Became the president. Challenging independence for artists and the creation of an "easy and fun" art market by bringing a large number of works by unknown artists to the public. Based on the experience with the Rockefellers and Sotheby's,  advising wealthy philanthropists, art collectors and foundations. 


Became Director and Secretary General at the time of the establishment of the Arts Support and Local Creation Organization.

In addition to running the company,  works as a university teacher, providing career education for artists and training and practical education for art management personnel.

◆ Teaching experience: as part-time faculty member

2007-2011 As a Guest Professor, Kyoto University of the Arts (currently Kyoto University of the Arts) 

2011-2015 Doshisha University

2015-2019 Gakushu-in University

2020- Aoyama Gakuin University

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